Aakash Prabhu

Software engineer and avid chai drinker
📍 Mountain View, CA

about 🤔

I am a software engineer at Flexport. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from UC Davis in 2021. I also got my Bachelor’s degree here in 2019.

Previously, I… 🤷

  • was a software engineering intern at Intel working on performance optimization.
  • was a software engineering intern at LendingClub
  • co-founded the CERD seminar at UC Davis: a weekly seminar that broadly focuses on computing education
  • designed a brand new open sourced seminar class (titled the Missing CS Class) on UNIX tools, interacting with the command line, effective debugging and testing strategies, and shell scripting


  • I spend too much time on r/ProgrammerHumor and xkcd
  • I love a good cup of masala chai more than anything else (please don’t call chai tea latte authentic)
  • I’m a sucker for a good mystery thriller movie/TV series
  • Sudoku has always fascinated me. Solve some puzzles here
  • Over the weekends, I hike and explore the beautiful trails that California has to offer.

recent highlights

  • [Jun 2021] Graduated from UC Davis! Onto my next journey 😊
  • [Apr 2021] Had a wonderful time judging some amazing projects from Lovelace Hacks.
  • [Mar 2021] Just got back from (virtual) SIGCSE.
  • [Mar 2021] Our first offering of the missing cs class is complete and it was a great success!
  • [Jan 2021] Started my internship at Intel!