About Me

Hi there! :wave: I am a second year computer science graduate student at UC Davis. I also got my bachelor’s degree here in 2019! I love all things tech and love writing code. Programming helps me narrate stories to a computer so as to create a useable art for everybody else to use :computer:

I’ve contributed a lot to the academic community at Davis during my time here. If you’re interested, you could read all about it here! During my free time, I like to hike!

I’m always looking for new opportunities to evolve my skill set. Previously, I was a Software Engineering Intern at LendingClub where I had the great fortune to have worked alongside with some amazing (and happy) people!

The intersection of mathematics and computer science also fascinates me: especially solving sudoku puzzles (do people even do this anymore?) because of its interesting difficulty and applications in computer science!

I’m always looking for my next opportunity! Feel free to reach out to me at aakprabhu [at] ucdavis [dot] edu if you have questions or just want to chat! :smile:

Hakuna Matata