My Time at Davis

Over the last few years, I’ve been deeply involved in contributing to the academic community and giving back to my department and my peers. Below are some of the ways I’ve helped shape the CS community! I’ve been fortunate enough to get some recognition for my work. In 2019, I was awarded the outstanding graduating senior award in CS and a department citation for my academic contributions to the department!

The Missing CS Class in your Education :computer:

A simple student survey I conducted showed that a lot of undergrads at Davis were uncomfortable using the UNIX command line, did not learn effective debugging strategies, and did not know how to efficiently interact with the command line. While students learn advanced topics in Machine Learning, Data Mining, and writing very low level code, they rarely know how to interact with debuggers, the command line, and write simple shell scripts for automation.

I got together with a few peers and some faculty to co-create a new undergraduate class titled “The Missing CS Class”. This was inspired MIT’s open source class (under the same name).

Our class will be a quarter long class and will focus on UNIX tools, interacting with the command line, effective debugging and testing strategies, and shell scripting. :raised_hands:

Our first iteration of this class will be offered in Winter 2021 (and it will be entirely open sourced). Stay tuned! :smile:

Computing Education Research at Davis (CERD) Seminars :mega:

While there are plenty of research talks centered around Machine Learning, Computer Architecture, Systems, Networks, there’s one pivotal area that often gets overlooked: Education! Computing Education Research is a rather novel field of research that enables us to discover what is true about teaching and learning.

I co-founded the CERD Seminar along with Joël Porquet and Chris Nitta. At the core, we’re a research group. We talk about all sorts of things: Student learning, how to teach better, student diversity, student retention, effective teaching in an online environment, etc.

CERD was founded in the Winter of 2020 and since then our little group of 4 people has grown to about a size of 20! :fire: If you want to read more about what these seminars are all about, check this out!

Chair, Computer Science Tutoring Committee :smiley:

From 2017-2019, I took over the CS tutoring committee as the chair. We’re a free peer-run service for students at UC Davis. We organize volunteer tutors to help students with undergraduate CS courses. We’re a part of the CS department at Davis, and all of our tutors are approved by the department and received high grades in the courses that they tutor.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful vice-chair and friend, Aaron Kaloti, help me run things! Together, we helped the tutoring committee grow double in size!

Probability and Statistics Textbook :closed_book:

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dipak Ghosal! Together we’re writing an introductory undergraduate textbook that focuses on the applications of Probability theory in Computer Science!

An Undergraduate Computer Science Guide :books:

Towards the end of my undergraduate career, I got together with my wonderful peers to write a comprehensive guide about making the best out of your CS degree at Davis, how to network, how to prepare for internship and research opportunities.

Read it here! :blue_book:

Special shout out to Vincent Yang for helping me iron out a lot of the material on the guide!